Thursday, February 24, 2011

Introduction to Low Sulfur Cooking

According to Andrew Cutler, about 30-50% of mercury toxic people will be high cysteine, and will have difficulty tolerating foods with high sulfur content. I'm one of those folks. I'm on a low sulfur diet, especially when I'm detoxing.

This blog is based on the information and food lists available at Living Network's Sulfur Food List site. Please read that page before continuing. It explains how to do a test diet to see if you are high cysteine and precisely which foods you may and may not use.

The recipes on this blog are intended for people who are high cysteine, are probably chelating mercury using the Andrew Cutler Protocol.

Disclaimer: I am just a high cysteine individual who enjoys digging for great tasting foods within the limitations of my low sulfur diet. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or health care provider. If you have additional food sensitivities, you may need to revise these recipes to fit your needs. I am doing this blog to have a centralized spot to collect recipes, create recipes, revise recipes and offer tips. Some foods that people insist have sulfur (i.e. nutritional yeast), and that are not on the list, I have found I am quite tolerant of. Obviously, follow your needs. Also, these recipes may not be completely free of sulfur, but they are low sulfur and I have tolerated them very well, even during a chelation round.

I love good food, and I think good food contributes to feeling good which then contributes to better healing. Food is pleasure. Food is celebration. Food is connection and nurturing. I love little more than experimenting with a new recipe, revising other recipes to answer my various pangs. It is in that spirit that I begin this blog. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment.


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